News Clippings 1870's to 1950's


As of June 1, lots will be 30 cents to 50 cents per square foot. sj


Emma Briggs and Mary Smith were charged with malicious trespassing and stealing flowers from Oakwood Cemetery. Both paid fines of $5. sj


At a cost of $2,500, the Granger Memorial will soon be erected.


A lady was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight in Oakwood Cemetery. ss


After 7-1, no persons except lot owners and those with passes will be allowed in Oakwood Cemetery on Sundays. sj


The Board of Trustees has adopted a plan for the main entrance and has laid out a park at the intersection of Jay & Croton Streets and Comstock Avenue, on the north of which the main entrance will be located. sj


"Persons frequenting Oakwood Cemetery complain that bullets from the University range find their way over to that locality. The students should either learn to hit the targets or thicken the butts." sj


Oakwood Cemetery acquired possession of 14 acres of ground adjoining the cemetery on the Rose Road side. The price paid was $300 an acre. The property will be rented for $98 a year and with interest, will entail an expense of $112.99 a year for the company to hold against a possible large advance when it should be needed. sj


A water supply system should be incorporated in Oakwood Cemetery in order to keep the lots fresh and beautiful. sj


Tomorrow work will begin on three major improvements to Oakwood. James J. Belden contributed $45,000 for the arch at the entrance off of the south side of Oakwood Avenue, $15,000 for greenhouses, and $20,000 for an office. The road for the arch will be brought in at Garfield Avenue. The span will be 25 feet wide and the arch will be 25 feet high and will entirely hide the railroad tracks. The greenhouses will be between the chapel and the entrance on Midland Avenue. Directly opposite on the south side of Midland will be the 30 x 50 foot office. It will have a square bell tower. ss


Albert Brooks, 75, a caretaker, was found dead at 10:30 a.m. yesterday on the stairway leading to the basement of the Oakwood Chapel. He died of gas poisoning from coal gas fumes after cleaning the furnace flues. ss


A large bronze elk was donated by Miles S. Hencle, secretary of Syracuse Lodge 31, BPOE, in memory of his mother. ss


Six more acres, for a total of 172 acres, have been developed during the summer and spring at Oakwood. The new section is south and east of the cemetery office on Midland Avenue and is on a hill bordered on the north by woodland, a part of the natural forest of Oakwood. Winding roads enter the new area and culminate in a sweeping circle at the top of the south hill from which there is a view of the Onondaga Valley and the Otisco, Lafayette, and Tully hills on the southern horizon. The six acre plottage will be divided into 500 burial lots, some of them of large size to permit construction of mausoleums. Plans call for a special development of the circular section on top of the hill, that may be sold in four parts with a memorial structure in the form of a marble temple in the center. ss [No mausoleums or grand memorial structures were ever built on the site.]


Three boys, aged 12 to13, were sentenced to Industry yesterday, for the recent vandalism at Oakwood on Good Friday. They caused $5,000 worth of damage as 50 grave markers were overturned and several monuments were broken. ss


Over the history of Oakwood, 25,168 separate burials have been made. ss


Advertisement for Oakwood. Single plots $40 and up and 2-grave plots $120 and up. More than 6,800 families have purchased burial plots. ss


The body of a 74-year old woman who had been missing since 8-3-58, was found by a 15-year old boy in Oakwood Cemetery. ps


To celebrate the centennial of Oakwood Cemetery, two monuments will be placed within the grounds. First a large bronze Bible, bearing the inscription of The Lord's Prayer, will be placed by the Comstock Avenue entrance. In late October, a 15-foot granite shaft will be unveiled in the new section of Oakwood, at the southwest corner on the highest hill overlooking Onondaga Valley, to mark the beginning of the second century of the cemetery. Inscribed on it will be the names of the current trustees and the names of the first board organized in 1859. ps


A new section of Oakwood is being developed on the highest hill in the southern part of the city. A new road is being constructed from the chapel through the woodlands to East Colvin Street. With its 160 acres, Oakwood is one of the largest non-sectarian cemeteries in the eastern US. More than 27,000 interments have been made since 1859. ps

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