News Clippings 1850's to 1860's


Oakwood Cemetery is the name chosen for our new Cemetery. "We can't say that we like the title, but it might be worse." Vote results: Oakwood 15, Oakland 2, Woodlawn 1, Onondaga Rural Cemetery 1, Mount Memory 1, and Woodland 1. ss


Public sale of lots in Oakwood Cemetery. Minimum price is 16 cents per square foot and a standard lot embraces 200 feet. The purchasers took an average of 2,500 square feet each, or 12 1/2 lots, which at 16 cents per square foot, amounts to $5,200; adding the premium paid, the total sales amount to about $5,400, each. ss


1,500 lots were laid out ready for purchase. The price of the best lots is 12 cents per square foot and the price will be raised to 16 cents on May, 1. Sales have already exceeded $7,500.00.


Trespassers at Oakwood Cemetery will be prosecuted to the extremity of the law. The trustees offered a $10.00 reward for information leading to the conviction of any person who does "willful" injury to trees or any other malicious mischief. A great deal of damage has been done. sj


A pastor is worrying about burying the dead in graves with water at the bottom of them at Oakwood Cemetery. He suggested removing the water and placing a generous abundance of straw in the grave. sj


A fifteen-year old girl, Julia Gallagher, was locked in the Watchhouse for maliciously picking the top of an evergreen shrub at Oakwood last Saturday. The offender is liable for a fine not exceeding $150.00, or six months in prison, or both; and also for private damages to five times the amount of the actual damages. sj


An omnibus will run from the post office to Oakwood starting June 1. Passengers will be called for at principal hotels. Families of four or more will be called for at their residences by leaving a card at the Journal office. The fare will be ten cents each way or 12 tickets for $1.00. sj


On 6-15, prices of lots will rise from 10 cents and 16 cents per square foot to 15 cents and 25 cents.


"Two persons were arrested yesterday for plucking flowers from the lots at Oakwood Cemetery. Served them right. Such depredations are disgraceful to humanity."


A husband and wife were ejected from Oakwood when an employee saw them sitting with the wife's arm around the husband's waist in an affectionate manner. sj


The Gere family monument was recently erected in Oakwood. It was made in Westerly, RI, at a cost of about $3,000. sj


The Burton Mausoleum will be erected at a cost of $8,000. The extreme height will be 40 feet and beneath the chapel will be a series of catacombs. sj


Lot owners will assume the care of their lots. Lot owners will pay the following annually - 500 feet of land or less $2.00, 500 to 1,500 feet of land $3.00, over 1,500 feet of land $5.00. sj


"Yesterday special policeman Michael Leydon, stationed in Oakwood Cemetery, found Mary Moran, a subject of easy virtue, in company with a male wretch, whose name we are sorry we could not obtain, prowling about the cemetery evidently for no good purpose, and drove them out of the grounds, from which they were loath to go. On the way out the woman plucked a flower from over a grave, for which she was arrested..." She was fined $10. "Not having the money Mary is rusticating within the walls of the institution on the Hill. We are sorry the officer did not also arrest the man and let him also receive a just punishment for visiting such sacred places for evil purposes". sj


A sheriff has been appointed to protect Oakwood Cemetery. "The grounds have, of late, so often been desecrated by reckless and evil-disposed persons". sj

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