Map of Oakwood 2000

This is how Oakwood looks now. The lettered sections on the lower right were what was Morningside Cemetery. Now the entire property is called Oakwood Cemetery. The original cemetery encompasses the upper third of the map from the left (Route 81 on the west side) to the sections numbered 46, 39, 36, and 35 on the right.

The area on the lower left which is undeveloped will remain that way due to its past use as land fill. It cannot be used for burial. Further to the right in the area of the box which reads Oakwood-Morningside Cemetery sits an apartment complex which is somewhat separated from the cemetery by trees. Further to the right is a box with a picture of the crematorium and mausoleum. That building is actually across Comstock Avenue to the right of the pictured area on the map. The area in the box has apartments, a couple of businesses, and other buildings.

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