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The earliest family records from England (circa 1450) show this family's name as Geere. When George and Thomas arrived in Boston in 1835, they changed the spelling to Geer. The spelling was changed to Gere in the first half of the 1800's by William Stanton, Robert, and Charles, three of David and Mary's sons.

George Geer was born in England in 1621. He was probably the son of Jonathan of Hevitree, County Devon. When his father died, George and his younger brother crossed the ocean so they could inherit a large estate in America. They arrived in 1635 and settled in New London, Connecticut in 1651.

David Gere

Children of David and Mary

William Stanton

(Son of David 1755 - 1835)

William Stanton and his brothers, Robert and Charles, left Connecticut and settled in the Syracuse area in the early 1800's. William Stanton bought 100 acres of land on August 2, 1816 for the sum of $444. The land was located in Belle Island (about a mile west of Solvay), Town of Camillus, and became known as Gere Lock Farm and was a pioneering homestead in central New York. The original farm was built in 1823 and fronted the Erie Canal. The house was enlarged over the years and in the 1850's a lock was built to aid boat traffic. The house stayed in the family for three generations. Apparently, in the early 1900's the house was vacant for a while and then rented. The Kazel family bought the house and the remaining 30 acres in 1944. Two years later, the house was sold to Solvay Process Co. and was torn down around 1952.

Children of William Stanton and Lovisa (with birth year listed)

James Monroe

James Monroe was an engineer for the town of Solvay and for 40 years was connected with the manufacturing of solar salt in Syracuse. As a soldier he fought in all the battles of the Army of the Potomac from Antietam to The Wilderness, including Chancellorville and Gettysburg. Near the end of his service he was commissioned lieutenant colonel. He was an elder of the Amboy Presbyterian Church for 35 years.

Child of James Monroe and Helen

James Brewster

James Brewster established a coal business at Magnolia and West Fayette Sts. It became Gere and Company, Inc. in 1922. He was among a group of businessmen who formed the Onondaga Vitrified Brick Co., which later became the Onondaga Brick and Tile Co. in Warners, NY. For 29 years he was a member of the Republican party and actively participated in politics. In 1909 he unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Syracuse.

Children of James Brewster and Hattie

William Anson

Willam Anson was educated at Syracuse University with a degree in civil engineering in 1884. He joined his father and brother in the manufacturing of salt and for 30 years was the manager of the solar salt works. He was an engineer for the village of Solvay in 1894 and later held the same position in Syracuse. He was very active in church activities.

Child of William and Carrie

William S.

In 1944, William S. and his partner formed O'Brien and Gere Consulting Engineers, Inc. He retired in 1961. The firm is still active in Syracuse.

Robert Gere

(son of David 1755 - 1835)

B - 30 Nov 1796 Groton, CT

D - 18 Dec 1877

M - Sophia W. Stanton Florida, Montgomery Co, NY (B - 23 Nov 1798 D - 20 Nov 1879)

Robert lived in Connecticut until 1820, when at age 24 he moved to Florida, NY and became a contractor on the Erie Canal. In 1824 he moved his family by way of the Mohawk River and the completed sections of the Erie Canal to Geddes, NY. There he settled on a farm about one mile west of the village. He donated land for a school, built the building, and maintained it for 15 years. He assisted in the construction of the Episcopal Church in Geddes. Robert was one of the first manufacturers of salt and in 1832 he entered the lumber trade. In 1835 and 1836, in connection with Elizur Clark, he contracted to supply the rails and ties for the Utica-Schenectady and Auburn-Syracuse Railroads. He moved to Syracuse in 1843 and began work in the foundry trade. He was the superintendent of the Onondaga Salt Springs Reservation and then resigned to build the canal locks at Salina and the Liverpool level of the Oswego Canal. With Horace and Hamilton White, he later organized the Geddes Coarse Salt Co.

Children of Robert and Sophia


Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson was a politician and a businessman. He was elected to the assembly in 1863. He was a trustee of the Fourth Presbyterian Church and one of its earliest members. He had been an officer of the Onondaga Iron Works and an officer of the NY State Salt Co. Robert Nelson was president of the Merchants National Bank for 20 years. He died from complications of 'the grip' which he had contracted the previous winter during an epidemic.

Children of Robert Nelson and Sophia

William Stanton

Anna Sophia

Robert Ward

George Franklin

Martha Tyler

Irving Nelson

George Clinton

(son of Robert 1796 - 1877)

As a young adult, George focused on agricultural affairs and also engaged in salt manufacturing. He later filled his father's role as president of Geddes Coarse Salt Co. For a number of years, George was president of the Onondaga Milk Association. He held various village offices in Geddes and served as a member of the Board of Education. After being in failing health for some time, he died of pneumonia and bronchitis.

Children of George and Adelia

David M


William Henry Harrison

(son of Robert 1796 -1877)

William H.H. had a long prominent career in engineering. He played an important role in the enlargement and redesign of the Erie Canal and he served as division engineer from 1884 to 1904. He was engaged in laying the double tracks for the Erie Railway, in design of the Great Western Railway in Canada, and a suspension bridge to Canada. He was assistant engineer in charge of the famous Montezuma aqueduct across the Seneca River. He died from neuralgia of the heart.

Children of William H.H. and Frances

D. Cady

William Buell

William Buell was the secretary and general manager of the Merrell-Soule Company in Syracuse. He had been with the company for 30 years. He died after a three-month illness.

Anna J.


Nathan Stanton

(son of Robert 1796 - 1877)

Nathan Stanton began his working life as a merchant with the firm Belden and Gere. He then left the store and went into construction, with great success. He engaged in canal and railroad construction in New York and New Jersey. At the time of his death, he was president of Onondaga Pottery Co. in Geddes, a trustee of the Merchant's National Bank, a trustee of Gere Iron and Mining Co., a dealer of bituminous coal in Philadelphia and Reading, PA, in addition to involvement in private enterprises. Politically, he represented the town of Geddes on the Board of Supervisors and at one time had been chairman of the board. He was the superintendent of the Onondaga Salt Springs under Govenor Cornell. When he died, he had been ill for several weeks with malarial fever and other complications.

Children of Nathan Stanton and Mary

George H.

Fannie S.

Stanton S.


James Belden


(son of David 1755 - 1835)

Children of Charles and Elizabeth


B - 4 Aug 1839


Mary Elizabeth


D - 14 Sept 1833 @ 3 days


B - Sept 1843

William F.

(son of David 1755 - 1835)

William F. lived in Syracuse for 40 years. For a number of years he was a trustee of the Onondaga Salt Co. He was also a prominent dealer in flour and grain.

Children of William F. and Mary Jane

William C.

Andrew L.

Mrs. Ira Reed

C. Frank

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