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The Burt family descended from Henry Burt who came to this country from England about the year 1635. Some of his descendants, often through daughters, were Rev. Ezra Stiles, president of Yale in the 18th century, Silas Wright, a governor of New York, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Grover Cleveland, and Prof. Burt G. Wilder, of Cornell University.

Aaron Burt, Sr.

In 1814, Aaron Burt left home traveling west to Ohio, but stopped in Manlius, NY, where he settled. With Oliver Teall and Harvey Baldwin he developed the eastern part of what is now Syracuse, but was then known as Lodi. They began the Syracuse Academy and with Teall, he played a major role in the construction of the railroad from Syracuse to Utica. He was in the state legislature in 1827 and 1828 and was very active in civic matters of the early village of Syracuse. He died of consumption, and his body was returned to Syracuse. His funeral was the largest ever attended, to that time.

Children with Lucy:

Addison Millington Burt

Addison lived in NYC for the last 70 years of his life. He practiced law for 15 years and then became involved with the construction of the Chesapeake Canal and other enterprises. He and his wife had one child, a boy who died in infancy.

Lucy Temple Burt

Two daughters were born of this union, Nellie Burt Allen and Rosa Smith Allen.

Martin Van Buren Burt

Graduated from Union College in 1838 and later became a lawyer. He never married.

Ellen (or Eleanor) Maria Burt

Graduated from Troy Seminary in 1844. After she died, her husband married Mary Olivia Smith.

Aaron Burt, Jr.

He prepared for college and then entered a business field. He died of consumption at age 25, in Chicago. He never married.

Oliver Teall Burt - see below

Children with Eleanor:

John Otis Burt

John graduated from Harvard in 1858. During the War of Rebellion, he served two years as a surgeon in the US Navy. Later he received his degree in medicine and was then connected with the medical department at Syracuse University. He and his wife had three children: Arthur Temple Burt, Aaron Moulton Burt, and John Otis Burt, Jr.

Henry Seymour Burt

He was named after his father's friend Henry Seymour of Utica, NY. Henry served his country in the War of Rebellion from 1861 to 1865, when he ws dishonorably discharged. He later moved to NYC and became a businessman. He died of dropsy, which is another term for edema. His wife Dora died on 15 Jun 1861, leaving behind their four-week old son, Harry Gordon Burt. The child later died at 10 months of age on March 9, 1863.

Oliver Teall Burt

Oliver Teall had been a businessman sometimes successfully and sometimes not. He was connected with the Lake Ontario Steamboat Company and the Central City Bank. In later life he had concerns with manufacturing enterprises in New York City and Connecticut. He was a college graduate who studied but did not practice law. For many years he was a teacher at the Old Syracuse Academy. For the last few years of his life he had been in ill-health, at times moody and despondent. A skull fracture from early adulthood sustained from a fall on the ice troubled him and was believed to have affected his brain. It was also thought that depression due to business troubles were said to have caused his death. Oliver Teall was found dead by his son-in-law, Irving Dunlap, at the deceased's home. He was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The coroner's inquest deemed that he shot himself while temporarily insane. His estate was placed at less than $100 in personal property.

Rebecca Johnson Burt

(Picture at right)

Children of Oliver Teall and Rebecca:

Lucy Eleanor Burt

Dr. Steven Smith Burt

Steven was professor emeritus of medicine at the Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital in NYC. He had a long prestigious medical career, was a medical author, and was the president of the board of the US Pension Surgeons from 1877 to 1886. He retired from the Post-Graduate Hospital at the age of 74. Steven Smith was crippled by paralysis the last 18 months of his life. He died sitting by his window attempting to light a match to smoke a cigar. The match fell igniting his clothing, but he was unable to call for help. His nurse found him unconscious a few minutes later. He died of shock shortly thereafter. He was survived by a neice.

Florence Townsend Burt

Howard Townsend Burt

He was a manufacturer.

Ella Rosa Burt

She died at 19 after an illness.

Mabel Olivia Burt

Committed suicide by drowning. Her husband was the chief clerk of US Fisheries Commission.

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